This trick will show you how to get more trees (especially great for gifted trees)  using your storage.
You must own at least one of the multi planters to do this!

Written instructions below - follow every step correctly to be successful.
1 Ensure you have some trees in your storage, it does not matter the amount. For this example I am going to use red maple (a gifted tree) You can see I have 50 trees in storage.
2 Load your farm, make the farm you wish to use your default farm, then take it offline. 
3 Right click on play and open a new tab. Leave this tab online.
4 On the offline tab go your storage and using your multi planter, plant all of your trees.
5 Then add only (1) of the trees back to your storage.
6 Go to your online tab, go to your storage and choose a different position on your farm and using you multi planter, plant all of the trees.
7 Go back to your offline tab and refresh that same farm. (Do not reload) only refresh by clicking on the farm. 
8 Go to the online tab and reload it by clicking on "Play". Wait for it to load.
9 Go to the offline tab,and add your trees back to your to storage. You can see I now have 99 trees.
10 Check your storage and you will see you have doubled your trees.
If you require more trees simply repeat. Please note that the more trees you use, the less the profit.
Happy Farming!