Most of us know we can use the Dirt Path to make waterfalls the old fashioned way, then we had the plow one crop and delete it to be able to place trees, ponds, flowers and crops over one another on the same farm. More recent is the Dirt path. This tip can be useful when using the multi planters, any plowing tool, your gifts and or storage. Follow the instructions below to learn how to.
1 Go to the farm you wish to plow or plant your trees and/or ponds or flowers. Make this your default farm.
2 Hide your items you do not want to see, for example you may want to plant some flowers, and if you already have crops planted, then you will need to hide them. Ensure you do not hide what you want to plant.
3 Reload your farm by clicking on "play"
4 Go to the store and click on "Paths/Ground" and puchase a dirt path. Place it on your farm. TIP: On my farms I always place the dirt farm in the bottom left hand corner, this is only so that I know where it is for future use :) 
5 Pick it up with a freestyle tool or simply click on it and select move. Move your dirt path a little on your farm and place it back down in a different spot.
6 You can now use the multi planters, any plowing tool, items from your gifts and/or storage to place them on your farm. You may need to pick up the dirt path again and place it back on your farm if you change tools, for example "selling products".
Happy Farming

You can be 1/2 way through planting flowers "for example"
and receive this pop-up.

This means you have over done it!
Stacking to much on too much!!