It really shouldn't slow your computer down since it's not running until you open a website page that requires it. If that happens, you're going to need it anyhow. Java allows people a large amount of interactivity online. It is used for online credit card processing, online banking, online auction, games, messaging programs, online calculators, converters, some online games and much more. Social networking sites also rely heavily on the Java programming language. You will be prompted to update, run this time or always run on this site.  Many people have removed Java from their computers with no negative effects. By that, I'm simply saying that these people don't use or need any of the products that integrate Java into their applications. As soon as they do chance upon such an instance, they will be promptly notified that a certain Version of Java is required to accomplish the task they're attempting to do, usually accompanied by a link to the Java site containing that code for download and installation.

 How ever I love Java as it enables me to view any page I like. It is safe to use and nearly all computers
come with Java already installed.  Java has never conflicted with  my Flash Player.  

**Java has thousands of online applications and is used extensively with great efficiency online to
automate a great number of tasks. In fact, an average internet surfer would use Java run applications
hundreds of times a week without ever knowing. Information from Ecommerce Web Hosting Guide © **

To disable Java in your browser, head to your browser's plug-in page. In Chrome, you can do this by typing chrome://plugins into the address bar, and in Firefox, you can do so by going to Tools > Add-Ons > Plugins. Then, just find Java and click Disable.   Java for mobile devices 
Java Security
Installing Java FAQ 
Download Java here

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