This is my true story!!!!!
Well, what can I say!!! I tried everything to fix this pop up for over 14 hours, I cleaned my browser cache, memcache and macromedia files, I defragged and ran a disc check for errors, rebooted my computer, I even went as far as uninstalling my browser, re-installing. I sent messages to the FarmTown S/K moderators & tried everything they suggested.  I even called my computer tech guy & performed his tests, how ever nothing worked. Mean while I harvested my crops which took me (5), yes five reloads on one farm due to this horrible pop up. THE GOOD NEWS - I telephoned my internet service provider and they ran me through a few tests, one being a "ping test" which determined the speed/quality of my internet connection, ** My internet speed was running slower than usual, and timing out with the S/K server**  they explained to me further in big technical words, ( the terminology was way out of my depth as to what was happening which I must add, I understood none of it).....The answer was to reset my modem / router... and reboot my computer & YES it worked. Keeping in mind that the S/K server could also be down, therefore it is just a matter of waiting until S/K is up and running again, but resetting your modem / router does no harm to your computer.
RESET MY MODEM...HOW SIMPLE - I do this all the time now when I get those annoying pop ups and it WORKS!