My Face Book farming friends had complained about their Face Book page set up & the lack of their user controls. Their apps, their game posts, their chat list, their pics and even commenting on their friends statuses was just not working for them. Plus the Face Book "chat" list of online/offline and mobile user friends was very annoying & frustrating. Hiding the ticker bar and live gaming information was driving them crazy. A Social Fixer has the option for your Farmtown posts to be in the same tab and it gives you the opportunity to see what else your friends have been posting without it all being in one long list.
There are quite a few of these little extensions available for Face Book, however this is the only extension that I have found developed by Matt Kruse, with the degree of help and support available for its users.  
Social Fixer does require updating from time to time but sadly will not support Internet explorer. 
If you try it and do not like it, you can uninstall it from your browser extensions.

Below are some screen shots of how I have set the extension up for me.
Face Book "Social Fixer" page
Face Book support Group Link for "Social Fixer"
DownLoad Link for "Social Fixer"

You can also change the appearance of your FaceBook.  
Below is an example but there are many to choose from.

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