Farmers who like to design farms, or farmers who love designs but are not creative you have
the option to invite other users to help design your farm.

 It is a good idea to start with a clean farm. This means that you & your helper/helpers have
ran the memcache cleaner, cleaned your browser caches and also deleted your flash player macromedia caches.
Doing these lessens the risks of FT messing up on any of you.

These are the rules below:

A You can invite several users at the same time to design on your farm.
(they must be a FaceBook friend or neighbour)
B The owner of the farm and the helper/helpers do need to be present at all times on the designing farm.
Once the owner or helper leaves the current farm the collaborative designing work will not be saved.
It is a good idea 
that both the owner and helper click on save often, so that any work is not wasted.
C It is a great idea to add all of your helpers to a FaceBook chat, so that you can all discuss and plan the design.
D Your helpers can not buy new items.
E Once the helper has arrived on your farm, you can then click on the helping avatar and select
(Design this Farm Together).
You will then both get a set of pop up boxes/messages.
It is important to read what you want to allow your helper to do before you tick any boxes, select any offers or click/accept any of the green ticks. 
F Your helper can use their Orange or Green hands to assist you with designing (tricks) on your farm if you do not own them.
G Experiment with rotating your items that sink or hide to get them to sit in the correct position.
H To cancel a designing session you click on save and then select (Cancel Design Farm Together)  from the Avatar menu.

Compiled & researched by © FarmTown Girl