Cooperative Quests are all about interacting within the FarmTown Community.

All tips are provided for your convenience by Cindy Nichols Fluri, Emma Louise Pegg and FT Girl

You can start Coperative Quests from level 20 & as you advance in levels you can accept more CQ's
You can start 1 Cooperative Quest every 10 hrs
Remember that you can only have 5 active quests at any given time from level 100.
These neighbours have a (CQ) Cooperative Quest in progress. Lets hope they have what you require!
Blue dots are not shown on neighbours with only expired quests or only expired and completed quests.
You must complete the last Quest step, you receive no help from your FaceBook friends, Strangers nor neighbours.
This means you must own that Facility to be able to complete this last stage of the CQ. If you do not own it you can either purchase it or let that quest expire.
BE A MEMBER OF THEIR MAIN GROUP FT SHOPPING CENTER FIRST. The link to join is on this website home page at the bottom. The (CQ) Cooperative Quest group has many members who do the quests and can assist you.When you join FTSC group there is a Document in "Files" which explains more....
The picture of the person who helped you in a particular Quest step will be shown on the Quest step. This picture is their FaceBook profile Image. You can get help from your neighbours who have a quest activated, as well as  your FaceBook friends, and strangers in the market.
If for example you start the last stage of your quest, and it has (6) hours until completed, but the quest expires in (2) hours, you will still get your bonus coins. The quest expiry time does not hinder completion pay-out.
When you first accept a quest it is a good idea to go through your neighbours before using your "Help Stickers". You simply click on your neighbour that has the Blue dot showing and from the pop up menu select "Show Cooperative Quest" you can then proceed to scroll through your neighbours who have quests available from which you can buy.  If you use a help sticker to ask for help on a step requiring a product or ingredient and then went to check your friends Cooperative Quests and found the product and buy it, your help sticker will then be released and available to use on another step in that quest.
Ingredients that you require come from the persons farm storage that you need for your quest. If they do not have them in their storage, then you can not buy them. You can always sell the farmer the required ingredients you need, then re-open the CQ and buy them back, so that you can complete that stage. The amount of "help stickers" you receive depends on the size of your quest. Make sure you have your "Help Stickers pinned" before asking for help from your FaceBook friends or neighbours.
When you buy an ingredient from a stranger it will cost you an expensive amount of 20 times more coins compared to buying from a friend or neighbour. To do this you click on a stranger in the market, go to their farm and click their quest icon. Keep in mind you can only buy (not sell) products from strangers. SAVE YOUR HELP STICKERS for hard to get items.
The quests do have a time limit, maybe that ingredient will be available tomorrow. The 2nd last step of a CQ is usually hard to find. If you get 1 sticker use it for the ingredient item. It is the same with 7 stickers, get what you can, wait a day, dont use them until you have to: Then you will always complete your quest. 
When helping others to "Sell" you can only help (1) time during that quest. So if they have more than (1) sticker you can only click on (1) "Sell" If the farmer has multiple quests, you can sell (1) time on each quest. You also earn coins when helping others.  You cannot sell or send your help stickers to anyone, once they are used on a CQ you receive no more. If you have left over stickers they are not added to your next CQ.
You can not buy from an Expired Quest, The rules say neither a quest that has started the last stage, however I have been able to buy goods when the last stage was already started but not finished.     
If you do quests daily and have the time left for a particular quest, to assist other farmers it is a nice gesture to not start the last stage of the quest straight away. This allows others to buy the products they may need. Your products and Ingredients will not be able to be sold once the last step has been started. Funeral Facility product quests are hidden from you when browsing other Cooperative Quests if you have that option enabled in your preferences and the "Load Fishing Tackle Shop with Bait" quest is now permanently removed as baits never go to storage and therefore no one can sell it to you.
The last stage of your quest allows you to directly open the facility you require
(if you own it) by clicking on the "open" sign.
NOTE: If you use the "Start All" button in your facility manager,
and your CQ is at the last stage, your CQ's will also start that last step.
How to make your Farm Link when requesting help using your "Farm Selector Manager"
 which is located in your "Tool Box". The link provided will open in a new tab.
Keeping in mind that for the Cooperative quests any farm number will be ok to use.


The Farm Town Shopping Center has a Cooperative quest group
which can assist with finding those goodies which you can't find and assist you with a few tricks.
Simply ask their Admin to add you, but you must be a member of their main group first. 
(click here) and ask to join.