The Cargo Ship can be confusing to start off with,
carefully read the information below to
understand their functionality.

You can buy up to 7 Cargo Ships,
located in the Trains/Ships category, all sell for coins.

THE BASICS - The following information is from the S/K website, & what I have learned along the way.

Only one ship colour will carry products. You can buy more ships of the same colour, however the extra ships you buy will be for decoration use only.
(example - 1 yellow ship will carry products. 2 yellow ships, 1 will carry products, the other is for decoration - no matter howmany different farms you place them on, or even the same farm, only 1 ship is required)

When starting the Preparation of each container, you will not only need to decide which container to prepare based on the products it brings, but also whether you think you will be able to Dispatch the Ship on time.

- Preparing a Ship means to prepare each of the containers it will carry ready for sailing. There are a total of 10 containers which are already part of the Ship, no need to buy them in the Store. Each container brings a different selection of products. You can only prepare one container at a time.
You will also earn 500 coins for every container you load.

FACTORY INGREDIENTS CONTAINER  beeswax, plastic granules, rubber sheet, flat glass sheet, orange pigment, beige pigment, black pigment, red pigment, cardstock and paper roll.
LIQUID FACTORY INGREDIENTS CONTAINER crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, red ink, yellow ink, blue ink and black ink.
ORE, ROCKS AND MINERALS CONTAINER pile of silver nuggets, pile of gold nuggets, pile of raw diamonds, salt, clay block, quartz rock, soda crystals, iron ore, copper ore, aluminum ore, zinc ore, kaolin clay rock, limestone rock, amber rock, turquoise rock, graphite ore and chromite ore.
TEXTILE ROLLS AND YARNS CONTAINER cotton textile roll, sheep wool textile roll, llama wool textile roll, silk textile roll, canvas textile roll, polyester textile roll, linen yarn and linen rope.
METAL SHEETS CONTAINER copper sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, carbon steel sheet and brass sheet.
LUMBERS AND LOGS CONTAINER pine lumber pile, oak lumber pile, maple lumber pile, ebony lumber pile, teak lumber pile, bamboo log pile, cinnamon log pile, cedar log pile, pine log pile, oak log pile, maple log pile, ebony log pile and teak log pile.
FOOD CONTAINER flour, corn flour, ground coffee, bread, burger bread, cinnamon bundle, olive oil, chocolate liquor, sugar, honey jar, cheese, vanilla ice cream, tomato sauce and lemon juice.
ANIMAL PRODUCTS CONTAINER cow milk, hen eggs, turkey feathers, horse hair, sheep wool, llama wool and white rabbit fleece.
FISH AND SHELLFISH CONTAINER salmon, tuna, lobster, squid, cod, grouper, crab, catfish, tilapia, octopus, shrimp container and scallop container.
CROPS, FRUIT AND FLOWERS CONTAINER wheat, tomatoes, cotton, rice, corn, onion, soybean, sunflowers, flax, sugarcane, coconuts, peaches, walnuts, oranges, apples, lemons, olives, mangoes, cherries, bananas, glads, tulips, purple orchid, violets, iris, yellow lilies, marigold, rose, pink rose and white rose.

The products loaded will not come from the neighbour inventory, but from the Mayor.
Still confused?  to go to the S/K website.