1 Hover your mouse over the link, press CTRL on your keyboard + Left Click your mouse and it will open in a new tab. You then close the new tab and you will not lose your place on the group wall.
2 You can also hover your mouse over the link and right click your mouse and select "open link in new Tab". You then close the new tab and you will not lose your place on the group wall.
3 Always label/name what you are posting, you will receive more help from other members.
4 Click like instead of comment as a comment bumps the post to the top of the group wall.
5 If you choose to post work requests on a group wall to hire a member to come to your farm & work, be very clear about what you would like your worker to do. Stay online until your worker has completed the job as they may be booted and need a re-hire. When you hire your worker only hire for what you asked to be done on the group wall. 
6  You do not have to be Face Book friends nor neighbours to collect bonuses and ingredients.
7 You must be Face Book friends to work facilities and/or client services. You do not have to be neighbours.
8 Never suffer in silence. If you have a question ASK! You can either ask on the group wall or send a message to one of the group admin.
9 Always be polite when commenting on a post. If a member is nasty or down right mean, swears or is demeaning to admin or other members,  they risk being removed and banned from the group by the admin.
10 Be respectful of different nationalities as interpretations of what is being commented on, on the group wall, can be taken the wrong way and perhaps you misinterpreted the conversation.
Compiled by © FarmTown Girl from my experience as an admin