The Admin from the FaceBook group FTSC are every day people. They are not affiliated with SlashKey (S/K) the game developers. They simply enjoy the game and all that it has to offer. "warts and all". We enjoy the game so much that we want to help others with problems they maybe having,  learning new tricks, general game play and anything else that we can assist with to make your farming experience a better one! We have a regular contest which provides FC items to be won.  FC prizes are for players to assist them with game advancement and to allow their farm management to be easier.


In the group FTSC you can post anything FarmTown related. You can collect more bonuses & Ingredients, make new friends and neighbours, there-fore work more Facility posts and in turn more people will work yours. With FaceBook making it harder and harder for game players to find FarmTown posts on the home page, this group makes FarmTown a whole lot easier.  We have a hiring farm for those members who require a worker, who do not know how to find their farm link. This operates just like the market but with less hassle. Both the Employer and Employee meet here and the Employer can hire the Employee.

When you first are accepted by an Admin and admitted into the group you will be welcomed with a "Welcome Post".  Before being accepted an Admin will make sure that you do play FarmTown. They value the members safety and like to assure that all group members are legitimate players.
To support this group, here's what you need to do:

1 ► Post on the group wall your FT requests. 2 ► Click on members requests to help them out. 3 ► Click on "+ Add People to Group" and type in the names of your farming friends.