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Farm link

Leslie HG 13/10/2019
Hi, this link doesn't work anymore. Http://www.farmtown-girl.com/farmtown-assistance-a-to-m-/farm-link-1-/
I would like to know the address of my farm to join a facebook group. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Re: Farm link

FT Girl 14/10/2019
I can assist you: Please copy and paste this link into your address bar and you can make your farm link


FT Giftshop

Karl Smith 11/10/2019
I'm needing help becoming a member on https://www.freefarmtowngiftshop.com. Everytime I click to become a member it gives me an login issue message. Any suggestions on what to do

Re: FT Giftshop

FT Girl 11/10/2019
Hello Karl, you can access all gifts with out being a member. You can contact their site admin using this link https://www.freefarmtowngiftshop.com/contact hope that helps.


sue 10/10/2019
thanks for a great farm town website. always up to date and very informative
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